[uClibc]Microblaze uClibc

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 31 02:16:58 UTC 2003

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply.  Comments and more questions in-line below.

Erik Andersen wrote:

 > Easy enough to do.  Step one is to create a new
 > uClibc/libc/sysdeps/linux/microblaze directory and populate it
 > per the content of the other supported arches (arm, x86, v850,
 > etc), adjusted as necessary for the specifics of your  Xilinx
 > Microblaze architecture.


 >> By doing the above, make gets part way into uClibc but fails 
primarily because libgen.h is not in my gcc include path (oh, I'm 
working under Cygwin BTW).  I could hack the Makefile but I don't think 
this is the right way to go.
 > Hmm.  What _is_ in the path specified on the gcc command line?

In uClibc/extra/gcc-uClibc, make fails building microblaze-uclibc-gcc:

gcc-uClibc: gcc-uClibc.h gcc-uClibc.c
         gcc -Wall -O2 -Wl,-s gcc-uClibc.c -o $(TARGET_ARCH)-uclibc-gcc

gcc-uClibc.h file is created and looks OK, but there is no (non-default) 
include path set.  If I add -I$(TOPDIR)/include, then it will compile, 
but I get the following link errors from the host gcc

/tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x33):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to `_stderr'
/tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x531):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to 
/tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x1673):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to `_stdout'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It's very odd - my host gcc toolchain works fine, and will happily 
compile and link, e.g., the linux menuconfig stuff.  A "hello world" 
application doing fprintf(stderr,"dsdfsdf") compiles, links and runs 
just fine.

Is there anything tricky happening in the uClibc/include/libgen.h (and 
features.h) that could be breaking my host gcc?

 > It is supposed to pull in the uClibc/include directory when
 > compiling, but I've honestly never tried to make uClibc compile
 > under Cygwin so I can't say what problems that may or may not be
 > adding.

Do you know of any existing efforts building cross-platform uClibc under 
Cygwin? (yeah, pretty specific I know

 >> Am I going about this the right way, or do I have to go "higher" 
than this and use buildroot etc?  I searched the archive to see if Miles
 > nope.  That is for building thing using uClibc, which isn't going
 > to be relevant till you have a basic port of uClibc compiling....

OK got it.

 > The good news is (except for the cygwin specfic issues you may
 > have) porting uClibc is pretty easy,

Glad to hear that!  The low-level stuff that I copied out of v850 and 
into microblaze only took about half an hour to port.

 > especially since you will
 > not need to port the shared lib loader for a mmu-less cpu,

This confuses me, I see messages on the uClinux list saying that uClinux 
does support shared libraries???  Anyway not too worried about that yet, 
bigger fish to fry (well, more urgent fish anyway



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