[uClibc]Buildroot & iptables

Philippe Vanhaesendonck Philippe.Vanhaesendonck at topgame.be
Thu Mar 27 15:48:40 UTC 2003

For what this is worth...

There are 3 small issues with the buildroot that will prevent one to build
'usable' iptables executables.

- in iptables.mk, the check for IPV6 presuppose that you have uClibC in
$(BUILD_DIR)/uClibc, which is not the case if you are using the 'stable' release
of uClibc.
This can be quickly fixed in the makefile, or with a symlink of uClibc-0.9.19 to

- In the case IPV6 executables are build, they are not installed anyway --
obvioulsy this is easy to fix!

- The default for iptables is to build extension in shared libraries, but
iptables.mk seems to ignore them at install time.
I see here again 2 possibilities: 
       * Add -DNO_SHARED_LIBS to link static
       * Copy the extensions at install time (But then you are better to set
PREFIX to /, unless you want to really copy them in /usr/local/bin which is the
 default location ;-) )

The weird thing is that by default, you end up with a running executable but 
which will gives you 
        "Couldn't load target `standard':File not found" 
as soon as you start to play with rules. It took me some time to realize what


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