[uClibc]rebuilding uClibc leads to undefined references / RPC woes.

Terje Kvernes terjekv at math.uio.no
Sat Mar 22 06:28:35 UTC 2003

Terje Kvernes <terjekv at math.uio.no> writes:

> I have a very nice and stable environment that I'd like to update
> with NFS-support.  to achieve this my plan was to simply rebuild
> uClibc with RPC-support and copy it over the old library, and
> compile portmap.  but, when I do this all the "*64"-symbols (open64,
> readdir64) become unresolved symbols for the applications in the old
> environment.  I haven't changed anything apart from the RPC-code and
> I've made sure that the largefile-settings are the same, being on.

  this never got resolved.  oh well.  :-)
> as far as I can tell, neither the development system or the
> toolchain builds in RPC-support, and since I'm a bit stuck I'm
> hoping someone has some good ideas.  I thought maybe I could use the
> "customize" option for the toolchain, but I'm not quite sure how to
> do just that.  any pointers on how to use customize.mk might also
> solve my problems.

  this however.  first, RPC in enabled in the images and for the
  toolchain, looking under sources/ is a good idea of anyone wants to
  fix their configuration.  secondly, I really wanted mount -nolock,
  which saved me the portmapper issue.

  it was of course only my fault, but the '-nolock'-option wasn't
  _that_ well documented.  :-)


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