[uClibc]compiling lshw with uClibc

Roland Nagtegaal roland at lorentz.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Mar 21 15:17:18 UTC 2003


as I'm new to uClibc, let me introduce myself:
I am Roland Nagtegaal, and I work as a system admin at the university of
Leiden, Netherlands (physics department).

I was working on a mini-linux distro, to fit on a floppy.

It must contain the kernel, busybox, scp, and lshw, and possibly enough
of the uClibc libraries to make them run.

My problem is that I can't compile lshw under uClibc. For that, I need
to compile libstd++ first. 

1. So, my first question is: is there a simple way to compile libstd++ ?
   I searched the mailinglist, but that did not help me much...

2. How do I compile the linux kernel with uClibc ? I ran make bzImage,
   but the executable was only 16KB. Too small, even with uClibc
   (and it didn't run of course). make zImage also fails, and make      
   vmlinux works, but gives a 2.5MB file.

3. uClibc compiled binaries are not always smaller, it seems. For 
   instance: /bin/ls in the buildroot environment is 76KB, but on 
   redhat 7.3 it is 46KB (I did check it is not actaully a link to
   busybox, it isn't). That is not a question, but what is the
   norm? How much smaller are uClibc binaries usually?

Thank you,

Roland Nagtegaal

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