[uClibc]unresolved symbols

Yugandhar yugandar at intotoinc.com
Thu Mar 20 12:15:24 UTC 2003

   I have an BRECIS MSP 4000 board. I have built the uClinux2.0 Beta Two 
kernel and booted the board. After that when i tried to insmod my 
driver(with uClibc3.2) which contains proprietary firewall and vpn) i got 
the following errors.

igateway.o: unresolved symbol __udivdi3
igateway.o: unresolved symbol __umoddi3

These symbols are defined in libgcc.a

Whereas while i worked with uCLinux1.1.4(with uClibc 3.1) i had no problem 
insmod-ing the same driver.

Openssl is used.What could be the problem.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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