[uClibc]Trying to output <stdout,stderr> messages in the serial console

George Thanos gthanos at telecom.ntua.gr
Fri Mar 14 11:24:59 UTC 2003

Hi List,

I am working on a uClinux/uClibc port for Hyperstone's E1 micro-processor.
We currently focus on our first tests regarding applications over our 

We use a serial port as the standard Linux console (/dev/console, this 
is where we see the uClinux boot messages, printk etc) and we use NFS as 
the root filesystem located in a remote PC.

We can currently open a file, write some binary info and close it. We 
can also open a stream (FILE*) write some formatted text and close the 
stream afterwards.

The next big step is print some messages in the serial console. I assume 
that when we fprintf in stdout or stderr, our messages should be 
redirected to the systems console. Am I write on this? When executing a 
regular application in /bin/sh this application should be able to output 
formatted messages to the serial port?

Is it necessary to use a shell or any other prior application and 
afterwards call our application through the shell, in order to see our 
output as expected?

Best Regards,

- George


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George Thanos
Ph.D candidate - Research Associate
National Technical University of Athens
Department of Electrical Engineering
Telecommunications Laboratory
Phone : +30 210 772 2422
email : gthanos at telecom.ece.ntua.gr

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