[uClibc]About Compile Problem

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Wed Mar 12 14:55:21 UTC 2003

On Tue Mar 11, 2003 at 11:24:42AM +0800, Kerberos Zhang wrote:
> I  build the uClibc for uClinux on m68k (nommu) system.
> If i use the PIC option when build the uClibc as the static library, All test 
> program can't be linked and the error message is : 
>  relocation truncated to fit: R_68K_16 chmod   etc...
> What's the wrong? 

I do not know, sorry.  I know there are many uClinux people
running uClibc on coldfire using the uClibc m68k port.  
Perhaps you need to get a better toolchain?


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