[uClibc]Quest for missing symbols: __gxx_personality_v0 solved, __fixdfsi not

David Wuertele dave-gnus at bfnet.com
Tue Mar 11 18:46:36 UTC 2003

Last week, we followed our hero as he pursued the case of the missing
__gxx_personality_v0.  Since that time, that villainous unlinked
symbol was eliminated by adding the compile switch "-fno-exceptions".
Stay tuned as our hero grapples with the __fixdfsi symbol!

For those of you not religiously following our hero's story (that's my
story, by the way): I've got an important module for my embedded
system that compiles and insmods fine when I use the glibc-based
algorithmics toolchain, but when I use uclibc that module will not
insmod and complains that about twenty symbols are not defined.  These
symbols appear to be a result of using mipsel-uclibc-g++ to compile
parts of the module.

Now that I've tracked down and eliminated __gxx_personality_v0, I'm
going after __fixdfsi.  I've reduced the module to a tiny test case
that has the same problem:

/* test.c:  compile with mipsel-uclibc-g++ -fno-pic -msoft-float -o test.o -c test.cpp
long ati_floor (double a)
  return (long) a;

After compiling the above, "grep fixdfsi test.o" returns a match.

How can I make sure that the __fixdfsi symbol gets linked during my
module compile?


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