[uClibc]Re: uClibc]0.9.19: can't resolve symbol '__udivsi3'

George Najarian najay at cox.net
Tue Mar 11 15:25:12 UTC 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:35:07 -0700, "Stefano Costa" <stefano.costa at bluewind.it> wrote:

>Unfortunatly there's also a problem I can't solve (perheaps something 
>I'm doing wrong I guess). Almost all applications we're testing at 
>the moment (mgetty, pppd, strace) exit with an error:
>can't resolve symbol '__udivsi3'
>unless we build them with "--static"; only busybox and tinylogin work 
>dynamic also. Perheaps we missed something in our rootfs 
>configuration: to be sure, I simply copied everything from the 
>toolchain/lib folder to the target rootfs /lib folder.

I had a similar problem building Trolltech Qtopia with GCC 3.2.2. I believe there
is s bug in the GCC linker that causes the libgcc library to be included twice if there
is a -whole-archive -no-archive sequence passed to the linker without any
libraries specified in between. My fix on for Qtopia was to remove those flags
if no libraries were specified for whole-archive - That allowed a clean build.

George Najarian
Najay Engineering

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