[uClibc]0.9.19: can't resolve symbol '__udivsi3'

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at bluewind.it
Tue Mar 11 08:18:53 UTC 2003


we recently upgraded our ARM toolchain to uclibc 0.9.19, using the 
toolchain Makefile found on uclibc CVS.
Several applications that used to show various problems (mostly 
related to file access, "stat" function calls etc.) now work 
correctly so perheaps a lot of bug fixes make this version much more 

Unfortunatly there's also a problem I can't solve (perheaps something 
I'm doing wrong I guess). Almost all applications we're testing at 
the moment (mgetty, pppd, strace) exit with an error:
can't resolve symbol '__udivsi3'
unless we build them with "--static"; only busybox and tinylogin work 
dynamic also. Perheaps we missed something in our rootfs 
configuration: to be sure, I simply copied everything from the 
toolchain/lib folder to the target rootfs /lib folder.


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