[uClibc]compile tar against uClibc

Claus Rosenberger Claus.Rosenberger at rocnet.de
Fri Mar 7 14:16:56 UTC 2003


use buildroot to create a development environment with uclibc-0.9.18. you
have to options.

1. switch on tar on central makefile (TARGET+=tar)
2. change to root_fs (copy it to a directory structure and chroot)
   comile tar there

> Hello,
> A newbie's question: How to compile tar from its source code against
> uClibc?
> I have built a initrd image with uClibc and busybox. However, the
> busbox's tar program has some flaws that I couldn't use. So I need to
> use the GNU tar program.
> I've downloaded the src code and try to configure with CC flags points
> to my i386-linux-uclibc directory. But configure program gets confused
> with the wrapper and couldn't continue (it couldn't guess the host
> type).
> I've also downloaded uClibc's rootfs program and there is GNU tar
> program so I guess it can be done although it is get annoy :-) I'd like
> to build tar program against my version of uClibc (0.9.18) so I don't
> have to rebuild everything on the initrd against the new version of
> uClibc.
> Thanks.
> /D
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