[uClibc]compile tar against uClibc

Daliang Wen daliang.wen at i3micro.com
Fri Mar 7 14:04:45 UTC 2003


A newbie's question: How to compile tar from its source code against

I have built a initrd image with uClibc and busybox. However, the
busbox's tar program has some flaws that I couldn't use. So I need to
use the GNU tar program.
I've downloaded the src code and try to configure with CC flags points
to my i386-linux-uclibc directory. But configure program gets confused
with the wrapper and couldn't continue (it couldn't guess the host

I've also downloaded uClibc's rootfs program and there is GNU tar
program so I guess it can be done although it is get annoy :-) I'd like
to build tar program against my version of uClibc (0.9.18) so I don't
have to rebuild everything on the initrd against the new version of



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