[uClibc]Development Systems Updated to uClibc 0.9.19

Paugam Luc luc.paugam at thomson.net
Fri Mar 7 13:50:50 UTC 2003


Try something like that:

   bzip2 -d root_fs-mipsel.bz2
   su -l root
   mount -t ext2 -o loop root_fs-mipsel /mnt

Then if your Linux kernel is able to mount its root file system (/mnt here)
through NFS, it will do it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

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I downloaded the root_fs-mipsel.bz2.  How to I extract it?

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> The uClibc development systems for i386, powerpc, arm, and
> now for the first time, mips, have been updated to uClibc 0.9.19.
> Several smaller problems have also been fixed up.
> This is an ext2 filesystem that runs natively on the specified
> architecture. It contains all the development software you need
> to build your own uClibc applications, including bash, coreutils,
> findutils, diffutils, patch, sed, ed, flex, bison, file, gawk,
> tar, grep gdb, strace, make, gcc, g++, autoconf, automake,
> ncurses, zlib, openssl, openssh and more. And of course,
> everything is dynamically linked against uClibc.
> By using a uClibc only system, you can avoid all the painful
> cross-configuration problems that have made using uClibc somewhat
> painful in the past. If you want to quickly get started with
> testing or using uClibc you should give these images a try.  You
> can loop mount and then chroot into them, you can boot into them
> using user-mode Linux, you can even 'dd' them to a spare
> partition and use resize2fs to make them fill the drive.
> Whatever works best for you. 
> Have fun,
>  -Erik
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