[uClibc]mips and __UCLIBC_CTOR_DTOR__

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Thu Mar 6 14:04:57 UTC 2003

On Thu Mar 06, 2003 at 12:38:23PM +0100, Mile Davidovic wrote:
> Hi all
> I notice difference between arm/crt0.S and mips/crt0.S
> and look like that arm's crt0.s have knowledge about __UCLIBC_CTOR_DTOR__
> and mips's crt0.S does not know.
> If I rewrite mips/crt0.S to support __UCLIBC_CTOR_DTOR__, is it 
> only place for doing such thing?

Right now mips _always_ tries to enable ctor/dtor support.  So
yes, if you follow the example of crt0.S on arm or x86 or superh,
and modify mips/crt0.S to either call __uClibc_start_main or
__uClibc_main depending on whether ctors are or are not enabled
that would be good.  Also, if you are going to submit a patch,
please also include support for PROFILING, per the support now in
x86 and superh.  I was planning to finish that off soon, but if
you are interested and willing, that is even better,


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