[uClibc]compile perl with buildroot

Thomas Cameron tom at ceisystems.com
Thu Mar 6 06:30:29 UTC 2003

Hello all,

	The simplest way I have found is to actually chroot into the
created "root" directory, and build from within there.  Please note: DO
NOT try this in a mounted root_fs loop file, as it will NOT work.  You
will simply run out of space.

	Anyway, perl will detect most things correctly, and build
properly.  However, I would suggest leaving out the Devel/*, and
ByteLoader components, as the ByteLoader will not compile correctly, and
the Devel/* stuff seems frivolous.  ;-)

	Once you have configured and mode perl, simply run `make
install` (again, from within the chroot'ed environment), and all will be
copied to the appropriate areas.  Now, just remove the source directory,
exit from your chroot, and rerun `make` in the buildroot root directory.
This will assemble a new root_fs file with Perl included.

Good Luck,
Thomas Cameron

P.S. Note that this is NOT the only way to do things, and this could
very well be more involved than it needs to be

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who know how to compile perl with buildroot ? it seems that AR is
hardcoded in created Makefile so it all the time uses /usr/bin/ar and
the ar out of the toolchain.

the result is that :

cat ext/re/re.pm > lib/re.pm
You may see some irrelevant test failures if you have been unable
to build lib/Config.pm.
cd t && (rm -f perl; /bin/ln -s ../miniperl perl) \
        &&  ./perl TEST base/*.t comp/*.t cmd/*.t io/*.t op/*.t
./perl: linked against GNU libc!
make[2]: [minitest] Error 150 (ignored)
make[2]: Leaving directory
./miniperl configpm tmp
./miniperl: linked against GNU libc!
make[1]: *** [lib/Config.pm] Error 150
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: ***
Error 2



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