[uClibc]compile perl with buildroot

Claus Rosenberger Claus.Rosenberger at rocnet.de
Wed Mar 5 19:50:22 UTC 2003


who know how to compile perl with buildroot ? it seems that AR is
hardcoded in created Makefile so it all the time uses /usr/bin/ar and not
the ar out of the toolchain.

the result is that :

cat ext/re/re.pm > lib/re.pm
You may see some irrelevant test failures if you have been unable
to build lib/Config.pm.
cd t && (rm -f perl; /bin/ln -s ../miniperl perl) \
        &&  ./perl TEST base/*.t comp/*.t cmd/*.t io/*.t op/*.t pragma/*.t
./perl: linked against GNU libc!
make[2]: [minitest] Error 150 (ignored)
make[2]: Leaving directory
./miniperl configpm tmp
./miniperl: linked against GNU libc!
make[1]: *** [lib/Config.pm] Error 150
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [/mnt/daten/projects/lfs-project/buildroot/build/perl5.005/perl]
Error 2



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