Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 4 16:22:29 UTC 2003

--- Fredrik Johnsson <fredrik at orestad-linux.se> wrote :
> Just recontinued my uclbic project, with the new Xfree tinyX.

You're talking about X430, right ?

> X was no major problem but when I tried matchbox it fails to load due to
> certain unresolved references, so I continued with fluxbox, and it
> wouldn't compile.

I have problems in X430 with the render apparently. Anything using Xt
toolkit fails and segfaults. I'm still investigating on potential causes.
I'll post the full error message tomorrow maybe...
Twm coming with X430 segfaults too.

Yet xterm works fine with antialiased fonts now, so does xclock...

> I'm now looking towards other windowmanagers, there's two listen on the
> website, but I'm wondering if anyone here have had success with other
> windowmanagers.

Revert to X420 or X421 until I or other X gurus find the fix.


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