[uClibc]Problems with buildroot...

Thomas Cameron tom at ceisystems.com
Tue Mar 4 03:13:13 UTC 2003

Hello all,
            By freak chance I decided to update my uClibc version within
my Buildroot environment.  When I tried to compile it, I noticed a new
config feature- profiling.  Neat!  However, I disabled it, as I do not
need any form of debugging or profiling in my environment.
            When Buildroot attempted to build uClibc, it failed while
trying to compile crt0.o (I believe).  It errored out, stating that
gprof-start.S did not exist.  I did not expect it to require this, as I
turned off profiling.  I grepped the uClibc directory, and found that
crt0.S included this file at the end.  I then grepped the uClibc
directory for the variable that the #ifdef chechs for before compiling
in grpof-start.S.  I could not find any reference to it that made any
            The only place I found the grpof-start.S file was in the cvs
exclude file.  Should it be excluded from a checkout?  This error has
occoured before and after doing a cvs up to a directory containing the
most recent snapshot, within my buildroot directory.  To get around it
temporarily, I simply commented out the lines in crt0.S that include
grpof-start.S, and all seems to be compiling as normal.
            Also, I have made a modutils.mk file.  Where should I send
it to?
Thomas Cameron
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