[uClibc]the 'strcmp' function supports only C|POSIX locales

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Mon Mar 3 23:40:13 UTC 2003

Jivin Manuel Novoa III lays it down ...
> This is just a reminder that setlocale() was linked with your
> application but uClibc wasn't built with full locale support.
> The linker has no way of determining what locale is being set.
> > | /tmp/cceyB8fy.o(.text+0x30): In function `main':
> > | : the 'strcmp' function supports only C|POSIX locales
> As stated eariler, this is garbage and will be removed.  But it is
> just noise.  It has no other effect.

I wish that was the case :-)

I just got through figuring out a problem where the inclusion of these
link warning errors gets the m68k-elf linker confused and it generates
bogus GOT entries (on odd addresses :-(

I take out the link_warning definition (ie make it empty) and all is
well.  No amount of linker script hacking has coerced the linker into
getting it right :-(

Obviously it's a bug in the linker,  but I would rather choose to ingore
it and remove the warnings ;-)

It's good to know that they weren't meant to be there :-)


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