[uClibc]uClibc 0.9.19 released

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Mon Mar 3 20:35:54 UTC 2003

uClibc 0.9.19 released

 CodePoet Consulting is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of uClibc 0.9.19. This is once again primarily a
bug-fix release. Several critical problems with system calls were
fixed, the pthreads library was improved, debugging of
applications using uClibc's pthreads library is now possible
(requires compiling gdb 5.3 or newer using uClibc), and a number
of other random fixes are included. This release retains binary
compatibility with uClibc 0.9.18 (except for mips, which didn't
work properly with uClibc 0.9.18 anyways). Updated development
systems images compiled with uClibc 0.9.19 will be released

As usual, the uClibc 0.9.19 release can be obtained from:

The Changelog for this release is here:


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