[uClibc]SH initfini.awk problems ?

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Thu Oct 31 09:18:51 UTC 2002

> what I want is, to ensure that the omitcrti value is != 0 when I enter the
> GLB section (at /SH_GLB_BEGINS/) if we haven't found any 
> _GLOBAL_TABLE_OFFSET_ keywords (glb_idx==0). Wenn I leave this section (at 
> /SH_GLB_ENDS/) I have to restore omitcrti to its orginal value, which might 
> be 0 or 1. 
> So I think the addition/substraction is the right way.

Fine with the explaination. Thanks for the attachment. It's more readable

> Remember, the GLB section will, be created by a single macro (==> 
> initfini.c). So there can be only GLB-stuff between the SH_GLB_BEGINS and 
> SH_GLB_ENDS keyword.

Yep. But after all, I don't have a SuperH to check... ;)


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