[uClibc][PATCH] Add more relocs to SH ldso

Stefan Allius allius at atecom.com
Thu Oct 31 08:54:48 UTC 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 04:05, you wrote:


here is an additional patch to the patches from M.R Brown, to get a loader, 
which uses only PIC code.

- In resolve.S we load the load the function address from the PLT section.
- In ldso added a prototype to fix a compiler warning

At the moment, the GCC 3.2 produces buggy code, due to a optimizer bug (for 
SH3 big endian). So you must compile with the option -O0 to get running code.
My college Eddie C.Dost tries to fix it.

I work on the SH assembler files in libc/sysdeps/linux/sh to remove the 
non-PIC code from the uClibc.

Bye Stefan


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