[uClibc]SH initfini.awk problems ?

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Thu Oct 31 06:10:54 UTC 2002

> BTW, any luck with the initfini.{awk,c} fixes?  I'm still getting segfaults
> and error messages from the _init/_fini code (I assume) on shared and
> static executables.  I assume this is the _init/_fini code since
> executables without _init/_fini initializations run normally.


Should I assume the previous perl script wouldn't work there either ?
I didn't know initfini.awk underwent so many changes...

>>   sub (":","",last);
>>   glb_label[glb_idx] = last;
>>   glb_idx += 1;
>>   glb = $0;
>> }
>> last = $1;

Do you have the .s files associated to this problem ?
If someone could send me these files and the expected results, I can
have a quick look, FWIW.

The only thing I see as a problem is the use of tables, with an index
which could be *much* greater than just 0 or 1 (glb_idx is assumed
somewhere else in the code to be either 0 or 1).

Just my 2c.


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