[uClibc]malloc, munmap, etc...

Uwe Beutin uwe at imbrium.de
Wed Oct 30 23:51:28 UTC 2002

I'm a little confused about the stories I've read about malloc() in the
list. I'm using uClinux-dist-20020927 with the uClibc and running three
applications where I have taken thorough precautions that any
malloc()'ed memory is also free()'d.

But with time moving on, I can see that the free memory keeps degrading 
slowly but surely and at some point (a couple of days, depending) I get 
a Kernel Panic (out of Memory) and have to reset.

Since I do not have the proper understanding to be able to investigate
the code for the different malloc, malloc-930716, malloc-simple and
whatever architectures :), is there a sure-fire way of determining why
this is happening?!


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