[uClibc]Re: [uClibc-cvs] cvs commit to uClibc/libc/sysdeps/linux/common by andersen

M. R. Brown mrbrown at 0xd6.org
Tue Oct 29 07:25:38 UTC 2002

* Stefan Allius <allius at atecom.com> on Tue, Oct 29, 2002:

> Hi Erik,
> why you need this hack ?
> The old version works fine for me, but the new one chrashes. (The inserted 
> labels are interpreted as asm statements in the crt[in].o files)
> What kind of problem do you have with the SH-Processors ?

I have the problems.  Using both GCC 3.2 (binutils 2.13) and GCC 3.0.4 +
patches (binutils 2.11.2 + patches) from
ftp.m17n.org:/pub/linux-sh/testing/, I get build errors where those labels
were defined (before the hack).  However executables linked after the hack
crash for me also, giving me anything from "Illegal Instruction" to a
segfault, or sometimes a working program.

Which tools are you using?  For which SuperH processor?  Do you have an
idea where/why it's crashing?

M. R.
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