[uClibc]BUFSIZ (to get TeX to compile)

Rob Landley landley at trommello.org
Sat Oct 19 02:00:37 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 16 October 2002 17:26, Michaël Tousignant wrote:

> Note: that "hint" need updates (some patches arn't needed anymore with
> current uClibc and the like) but I'm waiting for next uClibc release. ;)
> -Evanidus

One thing that might be nice is a comment on what problem each patch solves, 
so we can more easily figure out if we still need it or not.


(My laptop just made the jump to Red Hat 8  (no sound configurator, DHCP 
doesn't work, but XFree86 is finally niced at -10 after FIVE_YEARS of waiting 
for this moment, alelujiah amen.  I'll forgive a lot for finally noticing 
THIS one...)

But it's going to keep me busy shoveling for a bit.  (The timing's bad, but I 
lobotomized my home partition and had to restore from a backup anyway, so...  
No, writing a python script to find ext3 superblocks on /dev/hda doesn't help 
as much as you'd think when you've been making a lot of loopback partitions 
as temporary files during development and it gets bunches of hits from those.  
Red Hat 7.1 had guessed the drive geometry wrong, you see, and fdisk tried to 
"fix" it when I made a logical partition into a primary partition.  And since 
I had a backup from tuesday anyway, and hadn't managed to resurrect it in the 
first eight hours of trying...

Fun weekend. :)

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