[uClibc]Question on building shared objects -- possible bug

Joel Coltoff joel at wmi.com
Wed Oct 16 13:09:09 UTC 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Steven J. Hill wrote:

> There was a bug in the 'dlopen' call for MIPS. I just
> checked in the fix to CVS. The tests all pass now. Thanks
> for your patience.
> -Steve

This only worked for me if I applied this patch. Without it I got an
error at compile time of an unresolved external for

--- snap.old/uClibc/ldso/libdl/dlib.c	Tue Oct 15 17:27:49 2002
+++ snap.new/uClibc/ldso/libdl/dlib.c	Wed Oct 16 08:43:33 2002
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@
 	__attribute__ ((__weak__, __alias__ ("foobar")));
 extern void _dl_parse_lazy_relocation_information(struct elf_resolve *, unsigned long, unsigned long, int)
 	__attribute__ ((__weak__, __alias__ ("foobar")));
+extern void _dl_perform_mips_global_got_relocations(struct elf_resolve *tpnt)
+	__attribute__ ((__weak__, __alias__ ("foobar")));
 #ifdef USE_CACHE
 int _dl_map_cache(void) __attribute__ ((__weak__, __alias__ ("foobar")));
 int _dl_unmap_cache(void) __attribute__ ((__weak__, __alias__ ("foobar")));

Joel Coltoff

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