[uClibc]Resolver and Timeouts

Joerg Schmitz-Linneweber schmitz-linneweber at aston-technologie.de
Wed Oct 16 11:40:55 UTC 2002


On Monday, 14. October 2002 16:45, Uwe Beutin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with resolver timeouts. If my network configuration is
> correct, it works quite nicely. But if not, the timeout is around 5
> minutes or so. How can I change this to around 15 seconds or so?!
> The problem being that e.g. I have a fresh board with a working kernel
> image and I boot it in another environment where they have a different
> IP config and, most likely, DNS server.
> My /etc/rc tries to call an NTP client to set the date. 
How, if you don't have any information regarding your network env.? You don't 
even have a default gw until now!

> After that, I
> run an application that allows you to set the network configuration. But
> for setting the name server, I need the resolver and my app hangs for a
> very long time.. How can I solve this Catch22?!
I think (one, or) the only solution would be using a (external) DHCP server 
which will supply you with enough information to *completely* setup your 
network env.
E.g. it should give you an IP/bc/netmask *and* an IP for the nearest DNS 
server an hint on where to find a gw (and perhaps an IP for a NTP server) and 
the like...

BTW: Which application does the timeout?

Salut, Jörg

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