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> This is great stuff, it fits my ideas for a standalone light weight linux that
> runs from a CD and installs into the box anyway you want.  Devil-Linux is the
> model for this, especially since it is a vehicle for IPTABLES and other
> security tools.  In other words, it is rock-solid.
> However, when I suggested uClibc to them, they were hesitant.  So shipping a
> solid standalone that I can port to ISOLINUX would go along way to convince
> them to make the entire core, and many of the application packages, a Busybox
> variant.

Thats cool! That means a read-only root right? Im studying read-only
root systems. Im not familiar with devil linux though.

My base is midori linux from transmeta. I adopted the quickinit and spawn
idea from them including the use of pdksh. The busybox also is split into a
root and usr halves. I have just started finishing the bootstrap of my
development base .

snipped some more....
> I have to create a new boot flow process chart.  One of my linux society
> members, reconbot at -- Francis, is working on bios boot linux, so I need
> to see how the boot flow works so I can to create scripts to install your stuff
> into his project, and then wrap the whole thing into a DL based distro CD.

BIOS boot is very interesting!

> Btw, we call our stuff eLSD, after Linux Society Distro.  I added the "e" to be
> more politically correct, but members tend to drop it in normal communication.

Thats a cool name even without the 'e'.

> I will forward this to my list and Devil-Linux as well.
> Thanks, John
> Oh btw, has anybody ported Ruby to uClibc ;) ??

and more.....
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