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On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Erik Andersen wrote:

> On Mon Oct 14, 2002 at 07:12:44AM -0700, John van V. wrote:
> > I like the sound of that.. but what is a standalone uClibc system ??
> >   I think I want one :)
> >
> > In a nutshell that is.
> A standalone uClibc system is a system in which all binaries are
> linked with uClibc.  Even better, a standalone uClibc development
> system is a standalone uClibc system system that also includes a
> nativly compiled gcc, allowing one to compile up new applications
> vs uClibc.  Having a standalone uClibc development system is
> _very_ useful for applications like 'autoconf' and 'automake'
> that like to go and poke and prod at the host system, causing all
> sorts of pain when cross-configuring and cross-compiling things.

Yep. Im running a standalone uClibc system on my laptop right now.
Im taking out all my uClibc stuff from this pc im using.

I have already recompiled my binutils-2.13 gcc-3.2 and uclibc-0.9.15 on
it. I am putting in all the neat small stuff in it right now and i have a
fairly complete development machine. Next thing to do is try to compile a
linux kernel on it.

>  -Erik
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