[uClibc]Re: Awk poetry ;) [was: awk replacement for initfini.pl]

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 15 09:42:46 UTC 2002

> `nawk' is not really a particular version of awk, it's a way of avoiding
> a particularly horrible old version of awk on some systems (missing many
> many modern awk features, rife with bugs, and otherwise almost
> completely unusable; even simple awk programs often won't run correctly
> using it).

When I joined my company, some of my colleagues were saying nawk stands
for "not awk". Basically they meant nawk can do more than awk. From what
I grabbed on the web, nawk is actually a ATT coding of awk available from

What I meant is "I did not use functions (nawk/gawk) or tables (nawk/gawk)".
This is why it should run on the old sun as well with the cute/efficient
coding from busybox/awk applet. I think we could ask the guy who wrote
this applet to provide us a "miniperl" applet (without the modules). ;)

> It's a moot point if redhat doesn't have /usr/bin/nawk though; I suppose
> it's more important to support redhat systems than old sun systems.



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