[uClibc]first time user

Alessio Sangalli alesan at manoweb.com
Tue Oct 15 08:19:05 UTC 2002

Hi, I've installed the toolchain (modifying the Makefile so it has been 
installed in /opt/toolchain etc) and now I should use this "great" 
library to statically compile few programs I need on a little linux floppy.

however I have few problems that I managed to solve with tricks and 
perhaps luck; so I want to ask the correct way, if there is one, to 
compile (statically) with the gcc 3.2 toolchain, installed on a redhat 7.2.

For example I can't manage to compile pppd; it keeps saying it can't 
find library dl. I've set CC=/opt/toolchain/i386-linux/bin/gcc and 

bye and thank you!


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