[uClibc]Re: Awk poetry ;) [was: awk replacement for initfini.pl]

Rob Landley landley at trommello.org
Tue Oct 15 02:56:55 UTC 2002

On Monday 14 October 2002 11:48 pm, Miles Bader wrote:
> Rob Landley <landley at trommello.org> writes:
> > linux from scratch recently switched from nawk to gawk (gnu awk).  I'm
> > thinking of switching back, in my continuing quest to get a system
> > which honestly can NOT be described as "GNU/Linux", even by the most
> > rabid fanatic.
> Note that uClibc contains code from glibc...
> -Miles

I know.  It contains code from BSD too.  And I'm not wandering off on this 
particularly political flame-fest here, thanks. :)


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