[uClibc]Re: awk replacement for initfini.pl

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Oct 15 06:22:47 UTC 2002

Jivin Erik Andersen lays it down ...
> On Tue Oct 15, 2002 at 03:26:28PM +1000, David McCullough wrote:
> > I had a go at it quite a while back and almost got some of it going on uClinux.
> > If anyone wants a copy I still have it.  It isn't an easy task.
> > 
> > The minix shell from the uClinux-dist is the way to go for simple scripting
> > on uClinux,
> We are rapidly wanding off topic, but I made this list and I 
> pay for the bandwidth, so I guess I'm entitled to go off topic
> if I want to ;-)
> How different is the minix shell in the current uClinux-dist from
> the minix shell in busybox.  Same thing?

They should be close,  at least based on the same thing at one point.
The minix shell in the dist (user/sh) is still the original multi-source
version,  not a single file as in busybox.  It has fixes to ensure it doesn't
corrupt it's parents stack among others,  can't remember them all. I suspect
quite a few of the fixes are not in the busybox version.


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