[uClibc]When you struggle , you achieve...

Mr Pink eleclerc at cgocable.ca
Mon Oct 14 16:48:21 UTC 2002

Hello Everybody, My Fu#%@ Busybox did compile against uClibc.

I had to set the SHARED_LIB_LOADER_PATH=/lib


I had to set my PATH with

export PATH=/my-uclibc-installdir/bin:$PATH

for it to compile.

Thanks to Erick from another response to a similar problem...

Is there anyway I could have set the SHARED_LIB_LOADER_PATH to something
else than the path that is going to be used on the target embedded machine.

In fact I would want to have the uClibc libraries in some other place than
/lib on my development computer
Read in : /uclibc/lib for example.
but I want to install th lib in /lib on the target computer ???
Is there anyway to do it ???

Thanks to everybody,

this embedded stuff is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Pink

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