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Mon Oct 14 09:25:04 UTC 2002


1) Install check :
a) Have a look in /usr/bin (or sbin I don't remember exactly). You  should 
find : XXXX-uclibc-gcc and all stuff you installed.
b) In whatever dir, if you type xxx-ucli<TAB>, bash should give you the list 
of your toolchain.
c) uclibc config :
Did you make a symbolic link to the current config. In your case it should 
be : ln -s extra/Configs/Config.i386 ?

2) In Userland's Makefile
You should edit it and then have a look at following line :
you should see :
CROSS = i386-uclibc-

3) Compil flags : CFLAGS : a mess.
LDFLAGS : another mess.

If you're confused with them ; add at the end -v in order to see what the 
wrapper will issue exactly. Then try to :
   - Adjust the CFLAGS
   - Issue the command-line by yourself to do the adjustment.
Have look in BusyBox's Makefile just to see if they are just overriding your 
compil options (and you wasting your time in trying to adjust them). If you 
see in that BusyBox's Makefile CFLAGS := BLABLA => It's an override. It 
won't care of what you put before. Then change that line with CFLAGS += 
BLABLA. Thus it will add (only for that module the extra needed flags).


>Hello I compile and install UClibc and it creates the wrapper
>i386-uclibc-gcc but I can't compile any apps with it
>i.e. Busybox doesn't work with make CC=i386-uclibc-gcc (the
>i386/linux/uclibc/ dir is in my path)
>make: *** [pwd_grp/__getpwent.o] Error 255
>Can someone help me I haven't slept for 3 days!!!
>(maybe I exagerated a little here...)
>Mr Pink
>softasm at hotmail.com
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