[uClibc]Awk poetry ;) [was: awk replacement for initfini.pl]

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Mon Oct 14 05:55:00 UTC 2002

On Mon Oct 14, 2002 at 06:34:04AM +0200, Christian MICHON wrote:
> 1) Look at the end of this email and create the file initfini.awk
> ( When making so, make sure you do not change any of the backslashes !! )
> 2) chmod +x initfini.awk
> 3) Drop the initfini.awk in extra/scripts
> 4) Edit the lines calling the previous initfini.pl as follow
> (namely: libc/sysdeps/linux/common/Makefile)

I'll give it a try this evening.  Cool, thanks!

> before:
> =======
> crti.S crtn.S: initfini.s $(TOPDIR)/extra/scripts/initfini.pl
> 	$(TOPDIR)/extra/scripts/initfini.pl
> after:
> ======
> crti.S crtn.S: initfini.s $(TOPDIR)/extra/scripts/initfini.awk
> 	$(TOPDIR)/extra/scripts/initfini.awk initfini.s
> Tested on today's CVS with x86 target. Please give it a shot on
> other architectures. I tried to remain as fidel as possible to
> Erik's previous perl poetry. ( I hope the Code Poet will start
> liking awk after this. ;) )

hehe.  I've just never bothered to learn it.

> Now I can throw away the bloated perl-5.6/8 from my system.
> No offence or flame please: my personal views only ;)

No no.  Awk is _way_ smaller than perl, so eliminating the
compile time dependancy on perl will make it much easier for
people to bootstrap standalone uClibc systems....  I think we all
agree that standalone uClibc systems are a worthy goal, so
assuming this works as promised its definately going in.


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