[uClibc]awk replacement for initfini.pl

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 13 16:00:49 UTC 2002

> I often thought of rewritting it but never had the time. Would be somewhat 
> useful because a while ago I made a "hint" to compile uClibc a bit like glibc

I'll make sometime for it tomorrow morning. The files to be modified/generated
are not too complicated. The only caveats I foresee is that awk doesn't have
nice capabilities to die if it cannot open the files, as perl would...

Anyway, look out for the file in uclibc tomorrow, unless somebody does it
before ;)

> So in the hint, for now I'm forced to tell people to compile a static perl 
> to build uClibc and later, recompile perl against shared uClibc.
> Annoying ;)

I agree too, but not because I prefer awk to perl. Mostly because perl, even
linked to uclibc, needs more than 20Mb in its latest releases.


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