[uClibc]profiling with uclibc suite possible ???

Michael Palme m.palme at goepel.com
Fri Oct 11 14:32:55 UTC 2002


i use the latest toolchain (gcc 3.2 uclibc 0.9.15) configured as cross- 
toolchain i686-linux -> arm-linux. with this toolchain i've built gprof 
(v 2.12.1)for running native on arm. it seems to run on my strongarm 
target system. so far so good but when i now try to crosscompile a 
program with support for profiling i get the following linker error: 
"undefined reference to 'mcount'". i grepped around in the lists archive 
and read the TODO list in uclibc source tree and it seems that there is 
no or broken profiling support on uclibc systems?

is that true or are there some tricks to get this working?

thanks in advance ... Michael Palme

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