Miles Bader miles at lsi.nec.co.jp
Fri Oct 11 07:03:31 UTC 2002

I recently tried installing a new uClibc and now my builds are failing
with error messages like this:

   flatgcc -o maltest-sbrk maltest.o maltest-linear.o maltest-sbrk-malloc.o maltest-sbrk-free.o maltest-sbrk-realloc.o maltest-sbrk-memalign.o maltest-sbrk-heap_alloc.o maltest-sbrk-heap_free.o maltest-sbrk-heap_alloc_at.o maltest-sbrk-heap_debug.o
   v850e-elf-gcc: /proj/soft2/uclinux/i386-pc-linux-gnu/lib/gcc-lib/v850e-elf/2.9-v850ice-000414/crtbegin.o: No such file or directory
   v850e-elf-gcc: /proj/soft2/uclinux/i386-pc-linux-gnu/lib/gcc-lib/v850e-elf/2.9-v850ice-000414/crtend.o: No such file or directory

I can avoid this by specifying `--uclibc-no-ctors', but I wonder:

  * Am I supposed to have a crtbegin.o and crtend.o somewhere?

  * If so, where (and who's supposed to be installing them)?

  * If not, why isn't --uclibc-no-ctors the default?


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