[uClibc]STLport coldfire

andy preston andy at prestonmedina.com
Thu Oct 10 03:24:19 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 13:59, Erik Andersen wrote:
> Have you taken a look at the gcc 2.95 toolchain I provided?  It
> builds a gcc/uClibc/STLport toolchain.  I've not tried it with
> coldfire, but I think it should work.

I'm doing the insane thing as well and building my own toolchain for
Arm. Anyway, using the STLport patch from the 2.95.3 toolchain that you
did, it compiles fine when HAS_WCHAR is false, but STLport fails when
HAS_WCHAR is true. It's a uClibc header file problem, I think. I only
just had a successful compile using HAS_WCHAR false about five minutes
ago, so I haven't done much work on this so far !


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