[uClibc]FOLLOWUP: missing stdarg.h stddef.h, etc.

Tobias Anderberg tobias.anderberg at axis.com
Tue Oct 8 08:27:29 UTC 2002

Erik Andersen wrote:

[.. GCCINCDIR vs. -iwithprefix include ..]

> > This probably won't work, depending on compiler version. The -nostdinc
> > options removes the paths from the search list and thus there's no place
> > to append "include" to form a valid include path, so to speak.
> > 
> > The GCCINCDIR variable would probably be a better solution, atleast it's
> > more portable across compiler versions. I think..
> I got the "-nostdinc -iwithprefix include" from the linux-kernel
> Makefile, which seems to be quite portable. 

Hm, which kernel version? I only found references to them in 2.5.39 (maybe
in earlier version as well).

I agree that it should be portable across gcc versions but there seems to
some inconsitenties amongst them. Also, when reading the gcc info page you
would see a "Use of these options is discouraged." warning..

So maybe it's safer to go with the GCCINCDIR after all (or maybe some other
gcc option which is compatible across gcc versions).


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