[uClibc]FOLLOWUP: missing stdarg.h stddef.h, etc.

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Sat Oct 5 06:42:15 UTC 2002

On Fri Oct 04, 2002 at 06:15:30AM -0700, Todd Sundsted wrote:
> This is a followup to my last post.  I appears that in uClibc v 0.9.11 there
> was a line like:
> GCCINCDIR = ${shell $(CC) -print-search-dirs | sed -ne "s/install:
> \(.*\)/\1include/gp"}
> in the Rules.mak.  This line located the compiler specific include files
> (in /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/include on my box, for example)
> and added them to the CFLAGS:
> CFLAGS=$(WARNINGS) $(OPTIMIZATION) -fno-builtin -nostdinc $(CPUFLAGS)
> -nostdinc -I$(TOPDIR)include -I$(GCCINCDIR) -I. -D_LIBC $(ARCH_CFLAGS)
> In later versions, this disappeared.

The idea here is to allow gcc to include the gcc include files.
In newer versions of uClibc this expression has been replaced
with "-iwithprefix include" in CFLAGS, which should do exactly
the same thing, and eliminates the need for calling the shell and
sed.  What compiler are you using?  Can you check that "-nostdinc
-iwithprefix include" works as expected?


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