[uClibc]Password Blues Again...

Brian bwang at mltc.com.tw
Fri Oct 4 03:20:35 UTC 2002

Hello Uwe,

Does it work?
: -)

I was in the same situation as you when messing around with uClibc and
The way I figured out the proper password for uClibc for me is
basically using the 'passwd' compiled using uClibc to generate the
passwd file.
1.  Enable 'passwd' in Sash, compile and boot up
2.  We need a writable directory to store the generated passwd.  My
'/var/' directory is writable as it was set up by the startup script.
        /var> passwd
        Enter new Unix password: (type your password here. uClinux?)
        Re-enter new Unix password:
3.  Now under '/var/', you should see the newly generated 'passwd'
4.  /var> cat passwd
    passwd ab4yCc1tXmE/Y

That's how I get my passwd files.  IMHO, it should work whether or not
the crypt function is standard or not.

Hope that helps. : -)


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> On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Brian wrote:
> > > # vendors/Arcturus/uCdimm/passwd for uClibc:
> > > #
> > > passwd abXcDcF4rOTWs
> >
> > How about:
> > passwd ab4yCc1tXmE/Y
> And how do you get there? I mean, which crypt is it using? If I run
> passwd under glibc, the result is different. Supposedly glibc and
> are the same?!
> But thanks, I'll give it a try.. :)
> Uwe

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