olivieri jean-marc j_marc_olivieri at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 3 13:28:28 UTC 2002

I'm a newbee.
I successfully made my toolchain : crossgcc (linux i386 -> h8300h), 
binutils, gdb
I crosscompiled as well uClibc v
I tested my uClinux kernel (v 2.0.x) on my development board (aki3068net) : 
it works (with a romfs I fand at sourceforge.jp)
But now I'm having a problem with the userland : I don't know which packages 
to include and more specifically : should I have to use init or init.org 
package ?
I tried to compile init and I had a linker error with cypt function : not 
found in libraries (I already checked that libcrypt.a was in search path).
Could anyone HELP ME ?
Best regards

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