[uClibc]Password Blues Again...

Uwe Beutin uwe at imbrium.de
Wed Oct 2 21:30:24 UTC 2002

Hello again,

after I had been using the uC-libc (by mistake) for all my tests with
uClinux-dist-20020701, I could safely and definitely log into my uCdimm
with "root" and "uclinux".

Now that I've built the kernel with uClibc, I have that password problem 
again. I have now tried different /etc/passwd files in my images:

	# vendors/Arcturus/uCdimm/passwd for uClibc:
	passwd abXcDcF4rOTWs
	# vendors/Arcturus/uCdimm/passwd for uC-libc:
	passwd abvQyXa0CDjIA

I had once gathered that this should be correct and the first one 
definitely corresponds to the password that I crypt with glibc (I've 
confirmed that)

So, what may now still be wrong? I've looked at all the previous posts 
about this issue.

Any help? Thank you very much.


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