[uClibc]Building 0.9.16 with toolchain/gcc-3.2.1

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at bluewind.it
Tue Dec 3 13:07:29 UTC 2002

On 2 Dec 2002 at 11:19, Erik Andersen wrote:

> On Mon Dec 02, 2002 at 11:23:29AM +0100, Stefano Costa wrote:
> > I'm building the toolchain using the gcc-3.2.1 makefile (that uses 
> > gcc 3.2.1 and uClibc 0.9.16); building uClibc gives the following 
> > error (even with "use snapshot" set in the makefile). The previous 
> > gcc-3.2 makefile works fine, but I'd like to uprade to 3.2.1.
> Fixed now.  Do a 'make clean' then a 'cvs up' and then 
> rebuild and it should work this time.  Sorry about that.
> There was a cut-n-paste error previously,
Ok, now it works! But only with latest uClibc from development ("use 
snapshot") and not with 0.9.16. It seems that tools compiled with 
this toolchain are stable on ARM, after my first tests.

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