[uClibc]cygwin hosted mipsel-linux cross-compiler issues

HJDIII jal0 at linux4.BE
Mon Dec 2 17:15:55 UTC 2002


Just thought i drop a note about what i had to do to get the latest
(0.9.16) sources to compile under a mipsel-linux cross-compiler hosted 
on a windows/cygwin platform.

It seems that cygwin does not provide a libgen.h and there are is no 
prototype for basename().

basically i replaced 

#include <libgen.h> 

in extra/gcc-uClibc/gcc-uClibc.c


char *
basename (filename)
     const char *filename;
  char *p = strrchr (filename, '/');
  return p ? p + 1 : (char *) filename;

and everything now compiles and installs without a hitch.

hope someone finds this info useful

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