[uClibc]bug#1092: busybox tar does not work w/uClibc

Hugo Woijters hugo_woijters at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 14 14:39:00 MST 2001

Package: uClibc
Version: CVS


(Note: while the bug showed up in busybox-0.48, I
suppose it is due to a
bug in uClibc, because it does NOT happen if
busybox-0.48 is linked
against GNU libc (glibc 2.1.3)

If busybox-0.48 is linked against uClibc, then 
i) 'busybox tar tvf tarfile' lists only the first 
directory and the first
   file therein from the tar archive, and
ii) 'busybox tar xvf tarfile' extracts only the first
directory and the first
   file therein from the tar archive.

This happens regardless whether the tar archive has
been created by 
GNU tar or by busybox tar. Tar archives *created* by
busybox/uClibc seem to be
OK, and can be extracted by GNU tar.

As noted above, if busybox-0.48 is linked against GNU
libc, all is fine.

On a sidenote, when listing the tarfile, the leading
'0' in the month
seems to miss. That would be a pain if one tries to
sort the listing 
on the filename ... also happens only if linked
against uClibc.


rainer at jezebel:~/src/busybox-0.48 > uname -a
Linux jezebel 2.2.14 #1 Fri May 5 17:41:28 GMT 2000
i686 unknown
rainer at jezebel:~/src/busybox-0.48 > tar cvf test.tar .
(and some dozen more files)
tar: ./test.tar: file is the archive; not dumped
rainer at jezebel:~/src/busybox-0.48/test > busybox tar
tvf test.tar
drwxr-xr-x rainer/users      0 2001- 1-14 11:16:55 ./
-rw------- rainer/users   8409 2001- 1-14 10:58:56
rainer at jezebel:~/src/busybox-0.48 > busybox tar xvf
rainer at jezebel:~/src/busybox-0.48 >

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