dynamic linking issue

Leon astroli at ms8.hinet.net
Tue Feb 27 01:43:21 UTC 2007

	Thanks for your reply.

	I only know that this SoC based on ARM9TDMI with MMU.
They create new ARM type based on ARM9TDMI and modify source codes in the
They only use linux-2.6 for their next-gen chipset (still under
So they only want to fine-tune the current chipset and will not upgrade
their kernel and toolchain.
Since they continue to improve it, it is better to leave the kernel

In ARM Linux web site, there are only gcc-2.95.3, gcc-3.0, gcc-3.2.
I used to build the toolchain with binutils-2.11.2, gcc-2.95.3, glibc-2.2.3
and it works fine.
Then I try to use gcc-3.0 or gcc-3.2 to compile this kernel with my own
modification but it always fails with the confliction between the soft and
hard FPU.
It seems that it is not easy to use gcc-3.x above to compile linux-2.4.19.
So I try to use gcc-2.95.3 in buildroot.

If gcc-2.95.3 is too old, is it possible to use gcc-3.x above to compile
linux-2.4.19 and use that version in buildroot?
Or the kernel and application use different toolchains?

I appreciate your suggestion.



> > Our chipset vendor provides ARM9 SoC with linux-2.4.19, binutils-2.11.2,
> > gcc-2.95.3, glibc-2.2.3.
> >
> > But we would like to use uClibc.
> >
> Good luck with that. Your compiler is ancient enough that we do not
> even support 2.95 anymore. You should ask your vendor to upgrade or
> look to a Linux vendor to give you a new toolchain. You might get
> more help if you told us your hardware platform.
> -Steve

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